5 Interesting Ways Technology is Used in Wine Making

Egyptian wine pressTechnology’s impact in today’s world cannot be denied. Technology has been applied to everything to make things better and different. It has been applied in sectors that have been around since time immemorial that you could not expect to see technology lean towards. We are going to focus on the sector of wine making industry. There is evidence of fermented grape juice having been taken in 7000BC and we are still at it though differently. As the industry and wine lovers have grown, technology has also gravitated towards it.

Latest wine technology

  1. Apps

Who thought that there could ever be apps for wine? Presently there are several popular wine apps in use. Wine apps are available that help consumers choose, share, purchase and manage wine. These apps not only give information on the wine they also recommend wine for different occasions.  You can take technology one step further by using wine apps through wearable technology.

  1. Bubble seal

Due to forgery and theft of vintage wines this innovation has come about. This is a unique identification tag that contains a serial number and a unique pattern of bubbles embedded in the plastic. Once the wine is opened it is broken. It is developed by a French company for Domaine Ponsot that has suffered fake and forgery.

  1. Satellite monitoring

Technology in the wine industry is being applied to the vines even as the grapes grow. This is being done through satellite monitoring. Using this technology, infrared pictures can be taken which help grape growers to tell the exact conditions of the soil and what kind of grapes they expect to harvest from it and even the quality of wine they will produce.

  1. Heat sensors

This is another piece of technology applied to the vines to control the kind of grape to be harvested. They are applied to the vine to find out how much water is transpiring through it by measuring how fast sap flows through the vine. They then transmit the data and send an alert when irrigation is required.

  1. Optical sorting technologies

Vintners are also using cameras and image processing software to ensure that they have the best grapes in terms of shape, size and color from which they will produce the best wine.

With these technologies applied to the wine industry we can only expect much better wine products and increased competition within the industry.

Drinking Wine While Working

Drinking Wine While Working

wine computerYes, you read that title correctly!  While the majority of people are unable to drink while working, others have that flexibility, like me.  I work from home and I am also a single mom.  I love what I do, search engine optimization, reputation management and social media services and am able to do it any time of the day.  After a long day of keeping up with responsibilities, taking care of my son and working by the night time, I am ready to relax.  However, I am very committed and a hard worker so once I put the little one to bed, I pour a glass of wine, open my computer and start working again.

For some, sipping on wine in the evening will put them to sleep.  I however, sip it slowly and am typically excited about what I am working on so it doesn’t make me want to sleep.  I don’t do this every night, just on the nights where I feel like I need to relax a little.

There are actually some companies who are okay with their employees drinking, especially those who need to entertain clients.  For example, if you take a client to a sporting event, it is common to have a few drinks.  Your client will feel more at ease if the representative of the company they are going to hire is able to sit back and relax.

So yes, while drinking wine while working may seem odd to hear, it does happen!

Colors of Wine

wine_colourWines are generally classified as either white wine or red wine. Though the color is not pure white or red, the hue of the color differs depending on a number of things such as the manufacturing process, and the age of the wine among other things. Red wine is manufactured from red grapes while white wine is made from white grapes.

Some people prefer white wine while others prefer red wine. It’s not just about the color of wine, there is more than that. For instance the type of wine you drink depends on the kind of meals you have just eaten. For example if you have eaten the so called red meat, you should drink red wine. Red meat comprises of steak, beef, and mutton. However if you have eaten the so called white meat, you should drink a glass of chilled white wine. White meat comprises of chicken, fish and turkey among others.

The color of wine also depends on the age of the wine. The older the wine, the more mature it is and the more expensive it is. Wine drinkers take pride to talk about the age of the wine they drink, if you are drinking more mature wine that has been manufactured over the years, say 10 -15 years, such wine is considered to be superior and for sure it tastes better.

Wine is also classified as sweet or dry, the difference is the way the wine tastes. Depending on personal taste and preferences, some people prefer dry wine while others love sweet wine. Red wine is usually served as warm while white wine is served while chilled. Dry red wine is a little bitter, a taste preferred by some wine drinkers.

Whichever wine you prefer, whether red or white, take a moment and enjoy it, like the saying goes, a wine glass after your meals, helps the digestion process.

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The Art of Wine Tasting

winesMost people think that wine tasting is challenging; in reality wine tasting is very basic. Like the majority of things in life it just obliges practice before you can sip a wine and after that focus on its qualities. As you go to your first wine tasting there is no compelling reason to learn each one of the wine expressions or the qualities which make a fabulous wine. To take joy from your first wine tasting, you simply require a sense of smell, a sense of taste and a perfect eye. Try not to be scared by the dialect that may be tossed about by all the more very much educated wine fans. After some practice you, as well, can get it going at a wine tasting.

At the point when tasting wine, the first thing that you should do is to assess the shade of the wine you want to try out. To legitimately assess the coloring of the wine you have to tip the goblet far from you even while keeping it against a white-colored background. Analyze the color from the glass’ edge to the middle of the wine. The age of the wine is often observed from the shade of the wine. Keeping in mind the end goal to doubtlessly inspect the color of the wine tilt the glass with a brightened bit of paper or a white tablecloth at the rear of the glass. It is best to make utilization of a clear glass amid a wine tasting.

You’ve most likely seen people swirling their glasses at a wine tasting. This method is in fact a fundamental activity to tasting wine. You should basically sniff the wine more frequently than once, the first whiff you persuade should be a brief one and the accompanying one ought to positively be a deeper inhale. Soon after swirling a glass of wine next take a fast inhale, taking after this preliminary sniff then you’re ready to put your nose into the glass and breathe in deeply to acquire a more prominent concept of the wine. While you inhale the fragrance of the wine, look for particular notes for instance fruitiness, floral accents, and overtones of oak.

The first sip of the wine you take won’t reveal every one of its qualities; you may taste whether a wine is sweet or dry, light or heavy, or essentially complex. On your second sip you may begin to taste flavors, for example, a particular fruit, zest, or extra notes that were not apparent at the first sip. When you have gulped the wine you ought to have the capacity to find if there is a lingering flavor on the sense of taste and portray what the consistency of the wine felt like. Wine tasting is a unique hobby that will help you to better esteem wine and make great choices to pair with any food.